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The Journey So Far

At Driven to Success Ltd, we care about our community.

We are committed to supporting the education of people in New Zealand to become better drivers and succeed in passing their theory driving test.

In 2015 I was part of a team educating people in the community who were finding studying for their driving theory test daunting and difficult and that got me thinking.

So I went home thinking, there must be another way to help people who were illiterate, as well as those not able to process and retain information prior to taking their theory driving test.

Within a 24-hour period, my board game was designed. 

The game gives people the opportunity to proactively play and learn in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere with family and/or friends.


It not only supports the community but also gives the opportunity to educate younger children throughout New Zealand schools and colleges.

​In addition, it gives people throughout New Zealand the opportunity to grow their knowledge and understanding of the New Zealand Road Code laws as well as those needing further education and support.

​The concept and structure of this game are the first of their kind throughout all of Australasia. There is no other like this. Although there are other tools and learning material available within New Zealand, Driven for Success is guaranteed to be competitive and fun, while at the same time giving people the opportunity to learn and succeed.

The only concerns parents need to worry about after playing this game with their children will be the new challenges, they will encounter driving them to and from school as it will never be the same again.

​So, start your journey here and purchase your game to be "driven for success"!




I am one of six children. My father served in the RAF where he and my mother met. When I was a toddler, our family traveled around the world before settling back in England in the 1970s.

My family means the world to me, we are all a very close unit no matter where we are in the world.


At an early age, the two things I wanted to be in life were to be a professional footballer and a Police Officer.


Despite early efforts, my hopes of a football career were short-lived, but 20 years later I was successfully employed by the Metropolitan Police Force in England. After 10 years of service in 2008, I transferred to New Zealand Police.


When we moved to New Zealand my wife’s two other daughters Claire and Vicky decided their destiny was to remain in England where they are to this day.

In 2011 due to family reasons, my immediate family and I returned to England for a 2-year period before returning “home” to New Zealand in 2013.


Upon our return to New Zealand in 2013 I secured employment within the Department of Corrections where I work to this day.

We live in Auckland my wife Elaine, works at Pack n Save, and my daughter Abi, a beauty consultant.


My aim in life has always been to help others that’s why for me, my employment within the Police and Department of Corrections has been a great career move in making the decisions.

About us



Although 2023 has been a challenging one for us we continue to progress, all be it slowly.


To date 1025 games have been sold throughout New Zealand and we are hopeful further productions in Australia and United Kingdom in 2024  are realistic targets for us.

Our focus as a company is to continue engaging, supporting Police, Department of Corrections facilities in the communities and prisons, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Social Development, Transport Authorities, Vehicle Testing,  Automobile Associations, driving school associations, educating schools, colleges, youth organisations wherever our product ends up being.


The main issues identified with not having a driving license results in low esteem, unemployment, and ultimately re-offending with driving offending being another contributing factor.


The purpose of this game is to support people with passing their driving theory test as well as maintaining road code knowledge throughout their lifetime while at the same time, projecting the game into  schools, Prisons, homes, youth clubs and organizations as well as the general community.


Driven To Success wants to also give back to New Zealand and will be contributing $1.00 donations from every game sold to support charities close our hearts we support are: - Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence, Life Matters Suicide Awareness Trust NZ, Starship, and Barnardo's. Donations will be spread evenly between all charities. More information about our charities can be accessed from our website. As we progress, we will continue to donate and support a selected charity in other countries which we believe support our vision and cause.


Moving forward as a company, we will be promoting our product further and are hopeful to move into the Technology and entertainment sector with Apps, enabling us to promote our company to a much wider audience.

On a personal  note, I would like to dedicate  our success to my parents George and Shelia Elford. The love, support, and upbringing they have given me have made me what I am today.


In addition, my younger brother Jeremy Elford for his inspiration, support, advice, artwork, board design, and other components of this game has made it the success it is today.

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