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  • Is the game made yet?
    Yes As of July 2023 Driven To Success Limited has sold over 1000 games throughout New Zealand. Our game is now available to buy in Paper Plus and Whitcoulls outlets and also available on their websites as well as the following websites nz
  • How long will I have to wait to get my order?
    The estimated timeframe in New Zealand is 2-4 business days after being sent. We will advise you once you're game has been sent out There will also be a tracking number available to follow the progress We also encourage you to keep up-to-date on our Facebook page Driven For Success for all other related topics and the exciting progress we are anticipating for 2023.
  • Is this an official product of the New Zealand Government?
    No, we're an independent company. But, we have approval from the New Zealand Transport Agency for the use of questions and signage, so everything is relevant to the actual driving theory test questions requirements set out in New Zealand.
  • Can I buy Driven For Success in physical stores instead on this website?
    Yes. As of July 2023, our game is available for purchase at Paper Plus and Whitcoulls outlets throughout New Zealand. We do recommend that you call first to make sure they have some in stock
  • Is there a Māori, te reo version?"
    Not yet. We would love to do this out of great respect for the Māori people, the indigenous population of New Zealand. This is already a plan for future versions of the game, but it greatly depends on how well the launch version sells so we can finance the Māori, te reo version.
  • Can I play with more than 4 players?
    Yes! But at the moment, the game will only ship with 4 player pieces. We do have plans to sell more player pieces, but until then you will need to find a substitute player piece. Anything of similar size and shape to the car player pieces will work for now.
  • Is this game available in my country ? ( other than New Zealand )
    Unfortunately, no - not at this time, sorry. But we would love to make the game global as it will be easily adaptable and that is our long-term goal. We are at the start of our journey. We are based in New Zealand and so are starting here. Once the game has made enough sales we will look into regional versions. However, we are working with our media and publication people and currently progressing with parties in Australia and the United Kingdom to explore the interest in making this a global product!
  • Can I buy more cards?
    No at this time The packs we have are all we have in stock but we do have duplicate cards in stock and can be ordered separately should you need to replace lost or damaged packs We will also be keeping up-to-date with any changes from NZTA and creating new packs to reflect that, so the game can always be relevant for generations!
  • Can I buy more player cars or dice?
    Soon. We're just at launch at the moment, but our plan is to add these to the store area in time so you can replace lost parts. If you just wanted to add more car pieces for adding more players to the game - though the colours will still be the same. ( players would have to mark the duplicates ) We may look into different colours if there is a high demand, but nothing is decided yet until see we see how the game sells.
  • Can I sponsor your product?
    Absolutely!! As of July 2023, we continue to seek sponsors and funding in order to quickly push our game forward globally however, at this time we continue to work with limited finances and selling income as we progress. Sponsors will need to be related to the topic of the game in some way for the partnership to work.
  • Do you have any other games?
    No, not yet, but we love that you wanted to know! We are a young company but do have ideas for future games along with the same style. A few examples of this would be motorbike and boating versions. We continue to be focused on making New Zealand a much safer place to live and have drafted our next product "Survival For Success" which will be focusing on First Aid, Fire, and Water Safety. This game is planned to be available globally. So, watch this space and follow our Facebook page Driven For Success as we continue to progress. Everything depends on how well this game sells so spread the word and help us get moving.
  • How do I ask a question?
    Please let us know via the contact form on the home page or you can email us at We'll be happy to anwser!
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